Another Test

She sits in a pond and ponders the world, reflections of love wavering in and out of view.


I wonder if she ever thought the world would go this way? The Earth took itself back, and humanity stood no chance.


She sighs and rests a naked, pale hand on the skin of the water, tasting the memories of what once existed.


Civilizations on the brink of a golden era, if they’d only made a choice for peace.


Long strands of silky white hair fall from her shoulders into the pool, rippling the thoughts born there and mutating them into something hideously beautiful. Corruption, kindness, long faces and tiny bodies all converge into the same creature for just one moment before splitting again into different possibilities, different victims, different perpetrators. One creature to many, yet the traits of sin remain within all of them. Greed, jealousy, vengeance, and this constant need to expand and have, to take, whatever seemed good enough to own.


Icy blue eyes scan the wakes created by her drifting digits, searching for anything that could have rescued such a promising specimen. All love, happiness, and harmony were coated by these ugly desires long before the babes became adults- taught to them by mentors and leaders who knew no better. Purple lips purse and she sighs through her nose. If they’d only held on a few centuries longer, the universe would have opened to them and their full potential may have been realized.


The experiment was a failure, and it was time for her to return home and report the results. She gave up searching for some kind of answer, and determined another test was necessary. Once this planet had completed the reclaiming process, she would add another creature. She was used to failures at this point, but still held on to hope that something more would come of one of these trials. Slender legs stood and stepped out of the puddle, as white as snow and then some.


Yes, she thought, Another test is necessary.

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