Something In-between

Lost within a memory
I won’t let myself forget,
Like the face of a newborn child
Or that of my first regret.
It finds me all alone,
Gone to the gallows of night;
And I ponder, stare, commiserate
How something could be so right…
Staring back into my soul
With jewels of bourbon silk,
Fingers tangled into my hair
Trapped in what we’ve built,
I let myself meander through
The hallways of our past
And wonder what it is we need
so that our time may last.
Take from me all that I am
and I’ll take from you, as well.
Perhaps we can find our way
together, through the spell.
Within your arms, between your breathes,
I cannot help but think
were we a plan, an accident,
Or something in-between?

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