From the Front Porch

Can I watch you from the front porch
My rocking chair making noise
While you skip rope with our little ones?
Daughter’s in the kitchen, whipping up a sandwich
Son-in-law is bonding with a game
I’ll be watching from the front porch
While you run across the yard, laughing the same


Years will come and go,
With my hand always in yours,
While the wrinkles fade in,
And our vision fades out,
Our days will end without remorse.
I met you at just twenty years
And I’ll be yours, least twenty more.
Can I watch you from the front porch?


Say yes to me,
All that we need
Is there between our gaze.
I’ll be there, within your arms
Until we’re washed away

Can I watch you from the front porch,
My rocking chair making noise,
While the world carries us into the grey?


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