Controlled by You

Help me learn to help myself,
Without your kind words of soft-spoken promise.
I can be more without you, you know?
If only you’d let me exist beyond…
As it is, I need you to breathe,
To eat, and to sleep!
I can’t be trusted without your breath on my neck,
And your desires in my thoughts-
Overwhelming my own irrationality
With your sensible manners.
But I want to free myself from your grasp,
I want to see the world with my own eyes
to let my influence take root in the soil,
And grow into a flower of beautiful colors
And strong leaves, unmoved by the wind
the rain, sleet, or snow.
Knowing that it is my flower, my creation,
And not that of you, always of you.
What am I without you?
I can be myself, and that can be a good thing…
Why is it that I am broken without you?
Why is it that I cannot be accepted,
Unless you are in my blood,
moving the oxygen through my veins,
And enveloping my heart in your solution?
I can be safe, and I can feel awake and happy
If only you’d help me learn to be that way
Without you.
Teach me, and I can walk out of this house
And know that my sprouts on this planet
Are created solely by my hand
And are not influenced by the blood
That beats through a heart
Controlled by you.

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