Take It.

Take a pill,
Every day.
Take it,
or else no one will love you.
You’ll ruin every friendship,
And your peers will fade.
Take it, or else
You might not wake up tomorrow.
We know it makes you drowsy,
unable to really function,
and dulls your creativity,
But it elongates your life
And makes you someone worth knowing.
Try to be more without it,
And you’ll struggle.
It’s the fast, easy way to live.
Take a pill,
every day.
It won’t fix you,
It’ll only stop the leaking,
As your soul expands beyond
The limits of your body-
Beyond your own control.
Take it, or else
You may never regain yourself-
You may never again
feel the lightness
Of the clouds.
Only the darkness that you were born with.
Take it,
And perhaps the world will fill
with color.
Take it,
And perhaps your life
Will find
It’s meaning.

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