On Mental Guests.

Oh, hello!
I see you’ve come to play.
I’ve no time to bounce a ball,
But you can hide in my mind
And throw a stone or two.
Just don’t break anything,
it’s fragile in there.
Glass, everywhere.

we can become friends?

You show me yours,
I’ll show you mine?
There’s plenty of space for you to hide.
Just be gentle,
Nothing is bolted down-
And Earthquakes plague the anxious mind.

I see,
You’ve decided to stay?
Well, we’ve become so familiar anyway.
Your darkness is almost comforting,
Like a child’s blanket when he’s uncertain.
Just leave some space for other things,
I enjoy smiling every now and then.

Ah, well,
I guess I’m not surprised.
You’ve grown so big,
In so little time.
Consumed nearly everything.
I guess,
I guess I’m not surprised.

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