Petals drip from golden hair,
which drops so lightly from her head.
Rouge rubbed softly in her cheeks,
she hums a tune of soft repress.

Bluer lace wrapped round her neck-
a navy noose adorned with gems.
Wrapping silks of whites and reds,
she wraps her mind around the end.

While teardrops wake in emerald eyes,
she smiles keenly at her dress.
Another princess weds a prince,
she gives her life for gilded beds.

A smitten soul awaiting news,
stands alone with muddy shoes.
His golden lover sold to kings,
He waits and prays she found reprieve.


Another attempt at Polyptoton, the writing prompt posted by Frank Hubeny with dverse. The idea was to write a poem using polyptotons (repetition of the same roots of a word). See yesterdays entry about past memories here.

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