To Become a Perfect – Primer – WiP

Have you ever felt like every major decision you’ve ever made has been wrong? I don’t mean that you happen to do something with your life that doesn’t work out every once in a while, but that every decision that you have ever made ended badly for you. Do you know that you made these decisions level-headedly, yet still can’t explain why you went left instead of right? Maybe you explain the urges to make such choices as “gut feelings”, or some cosmic force pulling on you…

Well, you might be a Contrast – or a person who’s universe is linked directly with a Perfect. The Contrast’s entire destiny is to make the opposite choices of those made by a Perfect. A Perfect is a person who makes every possible right decision resulting in nothing but positive outcomes.

Now, I can imagine how weird this all sounds. Not only do you have to immediately accept the concept of infinite universes, but you have to accept that, within those universes, exists a version of yourself who has made every possible right decision for the absolutely perfect life… and a person who has made every possible wrong decision for the absolutely worst life.  These people don’t exist in those universes where you’re born with superpowers, or where your mother is a rich queen, or where some Nigerian prince actually does give you a shit ton of money. They exist only in the universal planes of their Originals.

You see, in this concept of infinites, on each plane exists an “Original”. A you who was born the exact way you were meant to be born, from which every other rendition is molded after based on the decisions you make for yourself following your birth. Often, an Original is a boring individual who isn’t much to look at, boasts an average amount of accomplishments, and rarely does anything particularly exceptional. A life where some decisions lead to amazing outcomes, and some lead to awful outcomes, but all of them tend to balance each other out.

Now, in a plane of infinite versions of a single person – meeting a true Perfect, a true Contrast, or even a true Original is extremely rare. Knowing you are one? Nearly impossible… Nearly.

My name is Antony Barnette, and I am a Contrast. I know that I am a Contrast because I just shook hands with my Perfect, and I can’t wait to tell you how that happened.



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