Do You Still Think of Me?

As the night rolls on, I’m wide awake,
watching the moon from the tidal waves
where the horizon meets the sky-
can you see the stars tonight?

I made my wish on time machines,
shining down on what we’d been.
Memories played like favorite songs,
over and over, we sang along.

We dance on dampened, cooling sands
to the promises and dreams we’d had.
Now I live my nights beside the sea,  
still wondering if you’ve thought of me.

Time goes on, and people fade,
our loved ones are lost to tossing waves.
Castles once so tall and strong,
crumble to the tides that come.

I know, inside, you’re doing well;
you’re diving into every swell.
But here, and now, I beg the breeze
to tell me you still think of me.  

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