When is Freedom, Freedom?

We live in a country where presidents are jokes;
our leaders are voted leaders with suspiciously little votes.
People are executed unarmed in the streets,
and rapists are proven guilty, but immediately freed.
Children are murdered on the government’s dime
while criminals are rewarded and the innocent are fined.
Where Tanks and swat are used to quiet down a protest,
Instead of handling the problems the people need addressed.
Where police are taught to go straight for their guns,
and citizens are punished with death if they run.
Where oil and radiation are now poisoning the oceans,
but social media won’t cover it, so no one seems to notice.
Where medication is a business, monopolized and unrestrained,
while we’re left paying to live with every dime that we make.
Where more money is spent on war than education,
and college is a debt sentence, so don’t bother graduating.
Where civil rights are designated based on your genetics,
and mass shootings are so commonplace, they’re practically expected.

What happened to our nation, once thought to be free? Why is freedom only freedom if we don’t question what it means?

Because we’ve all been conditioned to turn faster on our brothers than to spend a single moment questioning our mother.

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