I exist, soulless and still at heart.
My actions, though shallow, play their part
In a world that’s peacefully, calmingly dark;
I breathe through a life devoid of our spark.

Each moment of thought clear of your shape
Is A moment of ignorance, a chance to escape,
A moment of triumph in my withdrawal from fate…
A moment to believe the pain will abate.

But as tides to the shore, at least once in the night,
Before there’s a chance to surrender my sight,
Those oceans of memories flood into my mind,
And I’m trapped in your arms, our souls intertwined.

Though part of me fights it, that part quickly dies,
Replaced by those dreams that we’d conquer the skies.
I smile in my sleep, where our love goes to hide,
believing, when I wake, you’ll be there by my side.

But I rise in the morning and cry in the sheet,
Before steeling my eyes and rejecting defeat.
Soulless, I stand and strengthen my pride,
Trapped in a battle with no winning side.

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