My name is Leanne. I am a twenty-something year old mother who absolutely adores her daughter and struggles, every day, to be someone she can look up to. Daily, I fight anxiety, depression, and stress- often beating it through my writing. Currently, I am on a journey to surpass my mental issues, accept my childhood traumas, and move forward with my life in a positive light. Growing, healing, is not always pretty, so I can’t promise beautiful and inspiring works of art- but I can promise truth. Raw, painful honesty that can only come from someone who has watched her world burn, only to slowly build it back up again. Follow this blog if you struggle with mental disorders and need someone to relate to, or if you want to watch someone overcome her issues through poetry, prose, short stories, and other forms of word-art. This blog is my canvas, and I will paint on it whatever gets me through the day.