It's that quiet kind of interest, that kind not spoken of... that kind that breeds the perfect dreams, but never grows to love. It's a subtle curiosity, that keeps my mind amused, of what would be, if we could be; my distraction and my muse.


Leave as the waves that sway from the sea, Venturing into the deep before coming home to me. Leave as the Sun that hides beyond sight, Traveling around the globe, before dawning on the night. Leave as the seasons spreading through trees, Cycling wistfully through their moods, carried on a breeze. Leave as the breath … Continue reading Leave


Love, pain, need, regret- Goals and triumphs never met. warmth, hurt, something else- Things, I think, I’ve always felt. Him, her, them, they? Blurry visions, leaving vague. Future, maybe, you think? Us? The votes against- unanimous. Laughter, light, joy, sun- You and me when left alone. darkness, though, when you go- Swallowed by another show. … Continue reading Us


Watch the world fall apart; it crumbles at your feet- resembling those beaches that are found beside the sea. Do not cry or fret, my dear! Do not fear the hassle! When the world turns to sand, it's time to build your castle.