Years of Forgiveness, or Years of Permission?

What I thought I'd givenFor love to flourish, to grow, to become something stronger than anyone could know,Was years of forgiveness,Years of understanding,Patience and kindness with little demanding.I thought all the chancesWere signs from my heart, Symbols of how deep I lovedWith every broken shard.No, that was never right, though... was it? Here, alone, and … Continue reading Years of Forgiveness, or Years of Permission?


Chalk lines on pavement once meant hopscotch; now, they outline the bodies. Orphaned backpacks of bulletproof fabrics litter the vibrant halls, while the children line up in clouds to get fitted for angel wings. On the wall: "NOTICE: Heaven is  running low on size '7T'" A little girl wonders if they come in a pony theme... As a nation, paralyzed … Continue reading Unchanged