Love, pain, need, regret- Goals and triumphs never met. warmth, hurt, something else- Things, I think, I’ve always felt. Him, her, them, they? Blurry visions, leaving vague. Future, maybe, you think? Us? The votes against- unanimous. Laughter, light, joy, sun- You and me when left alone. darkness, though, when you go- Swallowed by another show. … Continue reading Us


Watch the world fall apart; it crumbles at your feet- resembling those beaches that are found beside the sea. Do not cry or fret, my dear! Do not fear the hassle! When the world turns to sand, it's time to build your castle.

Take It.

Take a pill, Every day. Take it, or else no one will love you. You’ll ruin every friendship, And your peers will fade. Take it, or else You might not wake up tomorrow. We know it makes you drowsy, unable to really function, and dulls your creativity, But it elongates your life And makes you … Continue reading Take It.