I’m alone. Slow and steady, from my stomach, through my heart, through my throat and out of my eyes. Waves begging for something I don’t know how to give. Why are you back? Why are you bothering me again? I’ve eaten, I’ve slept, I’ve walked, I’ve talked, I’ve worked, I’ve cleaned, I’ve thought so deeply … Continue reading 4/20/2023


I exist, soulless and still at heart. My actions, though shallow, play their part In a world that's peacefully, calmingly dark;I breathe through a life devoid of our spark. Each moment of thought clear of your shapeIs A moment of ignorance, a chance to escape,A moment of triumph in my withdrawal from fate...A moment to … Continue reading Soulless


Chalk lines on pavement once meant hopscotch; now, they outline the bodies. Orphaned backpacks of bulletproof fabrics litter the vibrant halls, while the children line up in clouds to get fitted for angel wings. On the wall: "NOTICE: Heaven is  running low on size '7T'" A little girl wonders if they come in a pony theme... As a nation, paralyzed … Continue reading Unchanged