Chalk lines on pavement once meant hopscotch; now, they outline the bodies. Orphaned backpacks of bulletproof fabrics litter the vibrant halls, while the children line up in clouds to get fitted for angel wings. On the wall: "NOTICE: Heaven is  running low on size '7T'" A little girl wonders if they come in a pony theme... As a nation, paralyzed … Continue reading Unchanged

A Cleanse – Prose for Dverse

Exhaustion overwhelms her small frame as she relaxes into her father’s old reclining chair. Soft candlelight dances against the off-white walls of the sitting room, forming the shadows of recognizable faces between the furnishings. She gazes into their familiar eyes, yearning for their found peace, but hesitant to leave behind the familiarity of life. They … Continue reading A Cleanse – Prose for Dverse