Dying of Thirst

As the sun sets, my body sweats;
This burned, aching, greedy mess begs
in anticipation for when the tide rolls in
to fill my soul with nourishment.
Lessons and warnings erode from the shore
“Drink from the ocean, and thirst even more,”

Do they know how good the ocean tastes,
When you’re aching to drink after for too many days?
Do they know the temptation that fills up your chest,
Or of the satisfaction that courses through breast
when you dip the tip of your dehydrated tongue
Into the ice cold liquid cupped in your palm?

Through that safe embrace of rising waves,
I feel his hands tug at my waist,
And know my needs will be appeased-
If I ignore my instincts and guzzle the sea.
I drink in his essence, and sooth what is hurt.
Surrounded by water, I’m dying of thirst.

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