The Falls

It empties itself into the earth
roaring it’s presence into the minds of those who stand witness,
and sliding from one rock to the next,
shattering into glass with each impact,
in an unstoppable act of nature deemed necessary by the universe
To carve out the path it shall take to reach whatever destination
has been determined by beings we’ve never met.
Men stand in awe of the cascade,
the downpour of mountain runoff,
wishing they could bath themselves but knowing it would tear them apart
just as it tore through the stone to create the canvas we all call home.
beautiful, serene, and deadly,
with the temper of a scorned woman
and the stoicism of the gentlemen,
it stands, regal and strong, beneath the noon day sun
without a care in the world for those disrupted by its force.
We watch it from afar, Never daring to get too close
and knowing that no human shall ever hold so much power.

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